Posted on: March 29, 2010 7:50 pm

The Final Four: Rambling

OK, so I finally found a topic that I feel strongly enough about to rise out of my blog dormancy, at least for now:  The Final Four.

Michigan State.  Butler.  West Virginia.  Duke.

Get over it.

This year's Final Four is a lot of things, but one thing it ISN'T is a fluke.  Two 5 seeds, a 2, and a 1.  So?????  Rankings are based on decisions that a committee made.  Maybe the committee made a mistake.  Everyone makes mistakes.  All four of these teams were ranked in the top 25 to begin the season.  Is it really so surprising that they end up on top of the heap?  I don't need to read a hundred online news columns to know that few people picked that Final Four.

Now I'm not some sports columnist or news reporter pretending to be unbiased.  I'm human.  I have opinions, and they get in the way of everything I write, no matter how much I pretend they don't.  I'm a State fan.  I never thought my Spartans would get this far in the 2010 tournament, but they did, and I fully intend to root for them with vigor on Saturday against Butler.  Then, I'll root for West Virginia with equal vigor.  I don't like Duke.  I'm biased against them.  But anyone with a brain knows that they're a helluva basketball team with a helluva coach.  In fact, all four teams are good teams with good coaches.  You want proof?  Did your team get to the NCAA tournament and win four straight games in the last two weeks?  I didn't think so.  It might be tough for many people to accept, but these four teams are the best in college basketball right now.  As for who's THE best, we'll find out on Saturday and Monday.

So here's my point: It's time for everyone to stop analyzing the "unlikely" teams.  It's called March MADNESS for a reason.  The basketball might bounce in a different direction then you expect.  That's life.  My bracket's busted, and yours probably is too.  Let's forget the point spreads, stats, and predictions.  Instead, let's all step back, grab a beer and chips or whatever your preferred beverage and snackage is, and enjoy the games.  Root for whoever you want, because you can bet that I will be.

Go State!

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